By purchasing a voucher you support our artists
and our gallery program of contemporary art.

Most probably the best opportunity to finally get the artwork you have fallen in love with!

No matter whether you choose an artist from the gallery Rubrecht Contemporary, Wiesbaden or PontArte gallery, Maastricht. We work hand in hand with our artists to offer you an extended portfolio of artworks. Since 2018 we join forces for and at art fairs (most notably Discovery Art Fair), as well as for general projects under the name of RUBRECHT SEVERENS FINE ARTS. Together, we would now like to offer you an online experience! 





Type of voucher*

... and combine your own voucher.


For the smallest investment of 100 Euro you get 20% more! € 120,00 for your new art work!

You can put your voucher together in the size you need for your new artwork.

  • with a 300 Euro Voucher +30%!  = € 390,00
  • with a 900 Euro Voucher +40%!  = € 1.260,00
  • with a 2000 Euro Voucher +50%!  = € 3.000,00


How does it work?

  • Request your personal voucher at PontArte or Rubrecht Contemporary: You will receive a voucher in your name with the amount paid including the added value.
  • Select your desired artwork. Delivery is by appointment and as the Corona regulations allow.
  • You keep the voucher and buy at a later date when business is back to normal.  
  • You give the voucher as a gift to your loved ones or employee/staff to their company.

*The value of the voucher including the added value is valid from now until 30.09.2020. After that the voucher can only be used for the amount originally paid. We reserve the right to limit this art promotion project to this year.

A collection of exclusively selected and excellent works of art which are currently available for purchase:

...more artists and information coming soon.


Artists of Rubrecht Contemporary:

Artists of PontArte:


association established 2018


The Netherlands: Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht 6211 KV, Telephone: +31 (0) 637 403 499

Germany: Büdingenstrasse 4-6, 65183 Wiesbaden, Telephone: +49 (0) 611 205 211 5


Instagram: @rubrecht.severens.finearts